July 12, 2018

Statement From Speaker Heastie

It is long past time for the Senate to return to Albany and pass what is supported by the vast majority of New Yorkers. They can start with the omnibus speed camera and local extender bill that is widely supported by advocates and members on both sides of the aisle. They can also finally pass the Reproductive Health Act, which would codify the Roe v. Wade decision into New York law and ensure that the radical Republicans who control Washington will not jeopardize women's health here in New York.

There is no need for the Assembly to return since we have already passed these bills. They are supported by a wide majority of New Yorkers and the Senate needs to do their job and pass these bills.

Let me be clear - the Assembly will not accept a watered down version of the Reproductive Health Act and will not play political games with women's health.

Senate Republicans should also stop playing politics with the safety of our children and pass the extension of the speed camera bill. The lives of our children are too important to be worried about preserving political power.

Senate Republicans must stop standing in the way of progress here in New York. They need to stop trying to water down good bills in order to please their ever-shrinking political base.

They need to #passthebills.