July 17, 2018

Speaker Heastie Tours the Hudson Valley

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie joined Assemblymember Didi Barrett today in the 106th Assembly District to tour the Olana State Historic Site in Columbia County. The visit marked his fourth stop of this year's statewide tour of New York.

"The Hudson Valley is home to many of New York's historical landmarks, lending a unique opportunity to venture into expanding our states tourism opportunities to the region" said Heastie. "Olana State Historic Site is beautiful and illustrates the need for our state agencies to continue to fund initiatives that promote the restoration, development, and educational programing needed to inspire new generations to care for historical sites and landmarks across the state."

"I am always delighted to welcome Speaker Heastie to the 106th Assembly District and to show him our historic landmarks, bucolic farmland and inspirational viewsheds," said Assemblymember Barrett. "The Speaker recognizes that these assets are not only tourist attractions and economic engines for our region, but also potential job generators: There is a real need for young skilled artisans prepared to work on these old properties across our state -- both public and private -- and we have an opportunity to train the next generation of historic trades workers here in the Hudson Valley."

The Olana State Historic Site was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1965 and has been one of the most visited landmarks in the state. This property, known for its picturesque landscape is a museum of sorts that highlights the need for the support of restoration and preservation projects across the nation. By offering a variety of tours, educational programs, and informational sessions, the staff educators of the Olana State Historical Site seek to generate an unforgettable experience for their guests, advocating for the continued support of historical sites.

Assemblymember Barrett added, "Speaker Heastie has been very supportive of our work to bring funding to the Hudson Valley that will assist the mission of educators, businesses and nonprofit organizations that seek to maintain and build on the stunning beauty and historical significance of our state." Pictured: