December 12, 2018

Assembly Majority Selects Heastie as Speaker
Statement from Speaker Carl E. Heastie

It is truly an honor to have been chosen by my colleagues in the Assembly Majority to serve as speaker of the People's House. I am thankful for their continued support as well as their unwavering commitment to putting New York families first. It gives me a great sense of pride to lead one of the most diverse legislative bodies in the country. In the year ahead, we will continue to build on our achievements and reaffirm our state's reputation as a progressive leader.

All across the state, from small towns to big cities, New Yorkers yearn for many of the same things: a quality education for our children, access to higher education and affordable health care, and good jobs. We will continue to make these among our top priorities.

We will also continue to fight for equality, justice and a brighter future for every New Yorker. We know our state should clearly and undeniably protect the reproductive rights of women. Our DREAMers should have a shot at the American Dream. Survivors of childhood sexual abuse deserve their day in court. Common sense gun legislation saves lives. No one should be priced out of their homes or communities. A safe and reliable transit system is the driving force behind our economy. We must take meaningful steps to address climate change. And every New Yorker deserves a criminal justice system that treats them with dignity and respect, while helping keep our communities safe.

I look forward to tackling our state's toughest issues with my colleagues in the Assembly Majority and our new partners in the Senate Democratic Majority. Like New Yorkers, we share many of the same goals. Together, we will help move New York forward by putting families first.