January 15, 2019

Assembly to Passes Legislation to Allow the Extension of Property Tax Deadlines for Furloughed Federal Workers in New York

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Assemblymember Kenneth Zebrowski announced that the Assembly will today pass legislation that would allow local governments and school districts to give furloughed federal employees a temporary extension to pay their property taxes.

"The Assembly Majority can't re-open the federal government, but we can do our best to help New York State residents that are impacted by the shutdown," Speaker Heastie said. "Allowing our federal employees to postpone this payment until after the government re-opens will allow them to focus on the basics like groceries, lifesaving medication and taking care of their families."

"Through no fault of their own, our friends and neighbors who work for the federal government are being forced to live without a paycheck – and they are struggling to figure out how to get by financially," Assemblymember Zebrowski said. "My legislation will give them one fewer payment hanging over their heads while they wait for the government to re-open."

Today's legislation would allow local governments and school districts to extend the deadline for property taxes for furloughed or non-pay federal employees or the spouse of a furloughed or non-pay federal employee (A.881, Zebrowski). The extension would be in effect until 90 days after the shutdown ends, and would be free from penalties or interest. The federal government shutdown is now the longest in history. Federal employees have already missed a full paycheck, and many are facing difficult financial choices. This would give federal employees and their spouses the ability to pay their property taxes after the government re-opens and they have received back pay.