May 20, 2019

Assembly Passes Measure to Ban Undetectable Firearms

Speaker Carl Heastie today announced the Assembly passed legislation to ban the manufacture, sale, transport and possession of undetectable firearms in New York State (A.763, Abinanti).

"As rates of gun violence increase across the country, New York continues to lead the way in prevention by passing common sense gun safety legislation," said Speaker Heastie. "This bill demonstrates our commitment to keeping our kids and communities safe through thoughtful and comprehensive legislation."

"The Assembly Majority remains dedicated to protecting our communities from gun violence," said Assembly Codes Committee Chair Joseph Lentol. "This bill will add to the comprehensive common sense gun safety legislation already in effect in New York by keeping undetectable weapons off our streets."

"Our gun laws must be updated to take into account the ever-evolving capabilities of the digital age," said Assemblymember Tom Abinanti. "Today's technologies permit anyone to make component parts for firearms with materials that can’t be detected by traditional security machines. My legislation would help protect New Yorkers against those who would bring guns to areas where they are prohibited for no good purpose."

Advances in technology, including 3-D printing and laser cutting machinery, have made it easier to manufacture firearm components that are undetectable to traditional security screening methods like x-rays and metal detectors. This bill would provide additional protection to New Yorkers by making those guns illegal.

Earlier this year the Assembly passed a comprehensive package of common sense gun legislation that would: