June 20, 2019

Assembly Passes Legislation Ensuring Pregnant Women Receive Information Critical to Their Health & the Health of Their Child

Speaker Carl Heastie and Assemblymember Diana Richardson today announced the passage of legislation to expand the availability of educational materials that would provide information on possible complications during pregnancy that have the potential to endanger the life or health of the newborn or mother (A2957-A, Richardson).

"Maternal health is an important part of family planning," said Speaker Heastie. "By amending our public health law to provide additional education on reproductive health, we are taking the proper steps to ensure the safety of families across our state. Complications happen during pregnancy, making informational materials available to prospective mothers is critical and will assist them during this important transitional period in their lives."

"To ensure the health of children and their families, maternal health is a necessity," said Assemblymember Richardson. "Many families lack adequate information in regard to health conditions that can possibly arise during pregnancy from maternal depression to newborn feeding techniques, not all expecting parents are equipped with the tools they need. A healthy child needs a healthy foundation."

This bill would improve maternity care by supplying mothers with the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding their health and the health of their newborns. It would also ensure that expectant mothers have access to the appropriate screenings, as well as referrals to healthcare professionals who specialize in maternal and newborn care.