Assembly Reports


Annual Report 2001 - Committee on Local Governments

Economic News - October 1, 2001 - Employment and Wages in New York City, Manhattan, and Manhattan Localities

Economic News - October 1, 2001 - View of Major Economic Forecasters on World Trade Center Impact

Catalog of State and Federal Programs Aiding New York

Focus on the State Budget - May 8, 2001

Economic News - May 2001

Fiscal News - April Revenue Highlights

Focus on the State Budget: The Governor has miscalculated revenues by over $3 billion from his original estimates — beating his previous forecasting errors.

View Points 2001: Assembly Budget Plan Focuses on Quality Education and Health Care, More Jobs, and Lower Taxes

Focus on the State Budget: Projecting the amount of revenue New York State will have available in a coming year is a vital first step toward crafting a balanced state budget that invests in the needs of New Yorkers

Report of the Ways and Means Committee on the New York State Assembly Budget

Jobs Agenda 2001

The Assembly Budget Resolution 2-year State Aid Projections

Comparison of Assembly and Executive School Aid Proposals

View Points 2001: Assembly Announces Tax Cut Plan

Focus on the State Budget -- The Assembly has a record of accurately forecasting state revenues available to raise educational standards, keep quality health care affordable, and meet the needs of New Yorkers

The Drug Law. Reform, Drug Treatment, and Crime Reduction Act of 2001

Catalog of Workforce Preparation Programs

NEW YORK STATE REVENUE REPORT 2000-2001 & 2001-2002

Yellow Book