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                        Adjusted       Executive    Legislative                       
                         Approp.         Request        Approp.
                         2000-01         2001-02        2001-02     Change

  General Fund         3,134,000       2,987,000      2,987,000          0 
  Special Rev.-Fed.    4,147,000       5,166,000      5,166,000          0 
  Special Rev.-Other   2,484,000       2,694,000      2,694,000          0 
  Enterprise              20,000          20,000         20,000          0 
  Total for 
  STATE OPERATIONS:    9,785,000      10,867,000     10,867,000          0 

  General Fund            95,000          95,000         95,000          0 
  Special Rev.-Other     373,000         373,000        373,000          0 
  Total for 
  AID TO LOCALITIES:     468,000         468,000        468,000          0 

Agency Mission

The three-member Commission on Quality of Care for the Mentally Disabled (CQC) is an oversight agency intended to be independent of the State mental hygiene agencies. The CQC employs a staff of 93 to monitor the care of persons served by the mental hygiene system, as well as to investigate complaints of abuse and reports of injuries and deaths of persons who are served in that system. In addition, the CQC administers the Surrogate Decision-Making Committee program which acts on behalf of persons in the mental hygiene system who are not competent to make medical care decisions for themselves. Federal funds support agency staff and contracts with not-for-profit agencies to implement protection and advocacy programs for the developmentally disabled, persons with mental illness and those with severe disabilities. As part of its oversight function the agency also conducts provider audits which have generated savings for the mental hygiene system.

Year-to-Year Change

The Executive recommends an All Funds budget of $11,335,000, an increase of $1,082,000, or 10.5 percent. This change reflects General Fund savings from shifting two positions to Special Revenue Other support; a Federal funds increase due primarily to an anticipated grant for the Ticket to Work program; and a Special Revenue Other increase for the transfer of two positions from the General Fund, a collective bargaining adjustment, and fringe benefit savings.

Legislative Changes

The Assembly makes no changes to the Executive's proposal.