Lupardo Introduces Bill Creating Agricultural Investment Task Force

Legislation especially important in light of farm labor compromise

Albany, NY – With a compromise reached on the issue of farm worker labor in New York (A8419/S6578), Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo introduced new legislation to create an agricultural investment task force (A8347). The short-term task force would develop budget and policy recommendations to address the sustainability of farming in NYS. The bill was introduced with every member of the Assembly Agriculture Committee, representing both parties, listed as cosponsors.

“In light of the recent compromise reached on farm labor, it’s important that we now turn our attention to the sustainability of New York’s agricultural economy,” said Assemblywoman Lupardo, Chair of the Assembly Agriculture Committee. “By studying the current economic conditions farms are operating under, we can enter next year’s budget discussions with tangible solutions that will help protect and grow this critical sector of our economy.”

New York’s agricultural industry has an annual economic impact of over $42 million and is comprised of more than 32,000 farms, supplying New York families with nutritious food every day. In order to encourage the growth of this vital industry, efforts must be undertaken to identify challenges and opportunities ahead of next year’s budget discussions.

If passed, the task force would examine issues such as workforce development, economic conditions, environmental and climate impacts, and the potential for savings through energy efficiency and other measures. Senator Jen Metzger, Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, also introduced the bill in the NYS Senate (S6553).