Cayuga farm tour provides glimpse of important ag research

Lupardo joins NYFVI to learn about dairy, feedstock, and grape research programs

(CAYUGA COUNTY, NY) – In an effort to learn more about the important research taking place in New York’s agricultural industry, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Agriculture, joined the New York Farm Viability Institute last week for a tour of five farms in Cayuga County. Farms in Auburn, Union Springs, and King Ferry are currently conducting studies to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.

“These farms are on the frontlines of a continuously evolving industry,” Lupardo said. “By partnering with the New York Farm Viability Institute and research institutions like Cornell, they are finding ways to improve their operations, produce safer and higher quality products, while safeguarding the environment. I appreciate the opportunity to see their research firsthand and learn more about how we can help create a more sustainable agricultural economy.”

The tour began at Patterson Farms in Auburn where research projects are helping reduce mastitis in their herd, keep cows healthy, and produce higher quality milk and also improve soil health. DuMond Ag in Union Springs are looking into dividing their fields into small grids and managing those grid blocks individually to optimize production and minimize the potential for nutrient runoff or leaching. This will both both save farmers money and help protect the environment.

At Spruce Haven Farm in Union Springs, farmers are also working to reduce environmental impact by lowering their use of nitrogen and phosphorus and more effectively direct the nutrients they use to the plants; Spruce Haven is also working to dramatically reduce the use of antibiotics in its herd.Scipio Springs Dairy’s research is helping reduce spore forming bacteria to extend shelf life of dairy products, which will benefit milk processors, milk sales, and ultimately dairy farmers. The tour concluded at Treleaven Winery in King Ferry; the winery has been involved with a sustainable viticulture program that is benefitting vineyards and the environment throughout New York.

All the research projects on the tour were funded by the NYFVI, which supports agricultural research and education projects that will create and share knowledge to improve the economic viability of New York’s farmers.

“The Cayuga County farms we visited all have a tremendous passion for protecting our environment and use an incredible amount of science and technology in the day to day management of their businesses.Farm Viability funded projects work on farms like these across the State.We applaud Assemblywoman Lupardo's commitment to seeing firsthand how these projects are changing the way New York farmers manage their dairy herds, field crops and vineyards.Her tireless support of New York agriculture and NYFVI are greatly appreciated.”