News From Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan - 37th Assembly District

January 23, 2002

Nolan Gets Answers And Action On
#7 Line Construction Project

Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan is pleased to announce that as a result of her efforts, the repair of the curbs under the #7 line elevated structure will be included as part of the project now underway to replace the columns of the elevated structure.

Nolan, who is the Assembly's representative to the MTA Capital Program Review Board, secured over $60 million in the MTA's Capital Program for the rehabilitation of the structure in Sunnyside, which includes the renovation of the stations, track and structure from 32nd Street to 48th Street.

The final phase of this project, which began in 2001, includes the rehabilitation of 28 columns supporting the #7 Flushing Line Viaduct on Queens Blvd. between 32nd Street and 48th Street, the abutments at both ends and the stairwells at 33rd Rawson, 40th Street Lowery and 46th Street Bliss.

This phase has caused some disruption in the parking area under the structure as well as to the curbs around the columns at the crosswalks. Nolan demanded action from various agencies. She wrote to the Department of Transportation Queens Borough Commissioner Joseph Cannisi complaining of the condition of the curbs under the elevated structure and to New York City Transit Authority President Lawrence Reuter regarding the #7 line construction project.

"As the impacts on station access will be long term, a schedule of the work planned including stairwell closings would be most helpful. Also, I am concerned about the impact on the parking area under the structure," said Nolan in her letter to Reuter.

Nolan also asked Cannisi about the condition of the curbs, which had deteriorated due to the construction and the intense traffic in the area over the years. In a number of places these curbs have become hazardous to pedestrians crossing Queens Blvd.

In response, the Borough Commissioner informed Nolan that "once construction is complete, the contractor performing the work for the MTA is required to repair or replace the curbs and the surface of the parking field." Borough Commissioner Cannisi informed Nolan that the curbs would be repaired by the summer of 2002.

"I am pleased that this project is moving along according to schedule and that the final phase of this project will be completed soon. I am looking forward to seeing the completion of this important project," concluded Nolan.