November 2004
Vol. 18, #11
Information on Available State and Federal Grants

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...On the State Level

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Farmers' Market Grant Program

Department of Agriculture and Markets

The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets invites proposals for the construction, reconstruction, improvement, expansion, or rehabilitation of farmers' markets in New York State. Proposed projects should be completed within two construction seasons.
ELIGIBILITY: Municipal corporations, regional market authorities, public benefit corporations, not-for-profit corporations, and agricultural cooperatives organized pursuant to the Cooperative Corporations Law. For-profit entities and individuals are not eligible to apply for funding under this program.
FUNDING: Grant Awards for any individual project shall not exceed $50,000; awards are to be distributed under the rules of the RFP.
DEADLINE: December 28, 2004.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Applicants with questions about requirements for this Grant Program should contact Jonathan Thomson of the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, 10B Airline Drive, Albany, New York 12205; by phone at (518) 457-7076, by fax at (518) 457-2716, or by e-mail at All questions must be submitted in writing (by mail, fax or e-mail) to Mr. Thomson by December 20, 2004.

Conservation and Preservation of Library Research Material

State Education Department, State Library

The New York State Library is offering grants for projects that contribute to the preservation of significant research materials in libraries, archives, historical societies and other agencies in New York State, whether by conducting surveys, improving collection storage environments, reformatting or treating collections or other preservation activities described in the program guidelines.
ELIGIBILITY: Not-for-profit archives, libraries, museums, historical societies and similar institutions in New York State and consortia or cooperating groups of such agencies; colleges and universities; professional associations, or other not-for-profit institutions or systems that provide services to libraries.
FUNDING: $500,000 is available for conservation and preservation of library research materials. Grants will be available in amounts from $1,500 to $30,000.
DEADLINE: Applications must be received in the Conservation/Preservation office by 5:00 p.m., December 3, 2004.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: To obtain eligibility criteria, additional information or a copy of the application and guidelines, potential applicants should contact the New York State Library, Conservation/Preservation Program, Room 10-B-41, Cultural Education Center, Albany, New York 12230; call (518) 486-2197; e-mail; or visit

…On the Federal Level

We the People Challenge Grants in United States History, Institutions, and Culture

National Endowment for the Humanities

As part of its We the People initiative, the NEH invites proposals for challenge grants designed to help institutions and organizations secure long-term improvements in and support for humanities activities focused on exploring significant themes and events in American history. Grants may be used to support long-term costs such as construction and renovation, purchase of equipment, acquisitions, and conservation of collections. Grants may also be used to establish or enhance endowments that generate expendable earnings for program activities.
ELIGIBILITY: Applications are welcome from colleges and universities, museums, public libraries, research institutions, historical societies and historic sites, public television and radio stations, scholarly associations, state humanities councils, and other nonprofit entities.
FUNDING: We the People challenge grants assist institutions in developing sources of support for humanities programs and fundraising is an integral part of the long-term planning required by the program. The requested grant amount should be appropriate to the humanities needs and the fundraising capacity of the institution. The federal portions of NEH We the People challenge grants will likely range between $300,000 and $1,000,000, and grant recipients must raise, from nonfederal donors, three times the amount of federal funds offered.
DEADLINE: February 1, 2005.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact NEH's Office of Challenge Grants at (202) 606-8309 or e-mail Hearing-impaired applicants can contact NEH via TDD at (866) 372-2930.

...Foundations and Organizations

Get Real, Get Fit!

Libraries for the Future

Libraries for the Future, with support from the MetLife Foundation, is sponsoring Get Real, Get Fit!, a program of library-based activities and discussions focused on physical fitness and healthy eating for teens and their families. Get Real, Get Fit! was developed by Libraries for the Future in response to the MetLife Foundation’s interest in how libraries could be helpful in educating teens and their families about healthy lifestyles based on good nutrition and physical fitness.
ELIGIBILITY: Public libraries.
FUNDING: Forty libraries will be selected for the program, with winners receiving a cash grant of $1,500 to $2,500.
DEADLINE: December 10, 2004.

Support for Programs for Adults with Disabilities

Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation

The Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation seeks “to change the face of disability on the planet.” As part of this mission, the foundation funds programs of nonprofit organizations that are led by or support adults with disabilities. The foundation encourages applications for distinctive projects that make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Support is provided for programs in the areas of education, advocacy, and the arts.
ELIGIBILITY: Organizations must be tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and have been in existence two years or longer. Support from other sources in the community must be demonstrated in the grant application.
FUNDING: Grants from the foundation range from $1,000 to $5,000 per project.
DEADLINE: May 1 and November 1 annually.

Save Our History National Grant Program

History Channel

The History Channel has announced the first year of its Save Our History National Grant Program. The program will award grants to historical organizations that partner with educators on unique, rewarding projects that help students learn about and appreciate the history of their local communities.
ELIGIBILITY: Historical societies, preservation organizations, museums, historic sites, and other history organizations that partner with schools on Save Our History projects can apply for these grants. To be eligible, these organizations must work with partner educators who utilize the Save Our History Educator’s Manual. Projects must focus on a significant aspect of community history.
FUNDING: The History Channel will award grants between $1,000 and $10,000.
DEADLINE: December 3, 2004.

Meacham Foundation Memorial Grants

American Humane

American Humane offers the Meacham Foundation Memorial Grant annually to provide financial assistance to animal care agencies for shelter expansion or improvements. These grants are made only for construction, capital improvements, or equipment that directly impacts the welfare of animals in the shelter.
ELIGIBILITY: Animal care agencies incorporated and classified as 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations or public (local government) agencies. Agencies must also be current members of American Humane at the Associate Agency Member level to qualify for a Meacham grant.
FUNDING: Grants may be awarded in any amount up to $4,000.
DEADLINE: February 28 annually. Next deadline is February 28, 2005 with grant request accepted after January 1.

Unsung Heroes Awards Program


The ING Unsung Heroes awards program is designed to recognize classroom heroes who "take teaching to new heights and make learning fun." Through the program, ING annually presents awards to K-12 educators across the United States to help further their projects within their school or school system. The program is managed by Scholarship America.
ELIGIBILITY: All K-12 education professionals. Specifically, applicants must be employed by an accredited K-12 public or private school; full-time educators, teachers, principals, or paraprofessionals; or classified staff with effective projects that improve student learning.
FUNDING: Total funding is $240,000 for 100 awards.
DEADLINE: April 30, 2005.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Detailed program information and an application form can be obtained by visiting the ING Unsung Heroes awards program web site,

...Grant Writing

Council on Opportunities for Professional Excellence (COPE)

COPE will be holding a Grant Writing Seminar, Guerilla Grantsmanship©, on November 29, 2004 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Kingston Ramada Inn. Attendees will receive the Guerilla Grantsmanship manual on CD in addition to the full day training. Learn how to write hard-hitting proposals that work and then learn how to work the proposals you write. To register, please call (845) 756-2301 or e-mail COPE at You may also visit COPE’s web site at for more information on the Guerilla Grantsmanship© curriculum.

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