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A10071 Summary:

COSPNSRLavelle, Cusick, Mirones, Pheffer, Weisenberg, Peralta, Eddington, Friedman, Nolan, Greene, Lupardo, Arroyo, Jacobs, Ramos, Magnarelli, Green, Koon, Zebrowski, Schroeder, Rivera N
MLTSPNSRAlfano, Aubertine, Aubry, Bacalles, Benjamin, Boyland, Bradley, Brennan, Brodsky, Brown, Cahill, Calhoun, Canestrari, Carrozza, Casale, Christensen, Clark, Cohen A, Colton, Cook, Cymbrowitz, DelMonte, Destito, Diaz L, Diaz R, Dinowitz, Englebright, Errigo, Espaillat, Farrell, Fields, Finch, Galef, Giglio, Glick, Gordon, Grannis, Gunther, Heastie, Hikind, Hooper, Hoyt, John, Karben, Kirwan, Lafayette, Latimer, Lavine, Lentol, Lifton, Lopez, Magee, Maisel, Markey, Mayersohn, McDonough, McEneny, Meng, Millman, Morelle, Mosiello, O'Donnell, Ortiz, Paulin, Perry, Powell, Pretlow, Reilly, Rivera J, Robinson, Rosenthal, Scarborough, Schimminger, Seminerio, Sweeney, Thiele, Titus, Tonko, Towns, Walker, Weinstein, Wright
Amd S1229-d, V & T L; amd S3650, Ed L; amd S45.07, Ment Hyg L
Enacts P.J.'s law; directs the commissioner of education to promulgate rules bus transporting a child or children with a disability to complete training, twice a year, on the special needs of children with a disability; directs the state commission on quality care and advocacy for persons with disabilities to consult with the commissioner of education relating to the promulgation of such rules and regulations.
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