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A10162 Summary:

COSPNSRCahill, Simotas, Bronson, Castro, Clark, Farrell, Jaffee, Lancman, Markey, Rivera N, Rivera P, Roberts, Stevenson, Titone
MLTSPNSRCastelli, Colton, Cymbrowitz, Glick, Gottfried, Hooper, Schimel, Weinstein
Amd S66, Pub Serv L
Requires electric corporations to submit electric utility emergency plans to the public service commission for review and approval; provides such plans shall set forth training and planning for power outages, procedures to determine the extent of outages, procedures to determine the length of time the outages will continue, load relief policies, decision making plans, and any other information such commission requires; annually requires electric corporations file emergency plans and verification of the ability to implement such plan; requires electric corporations to report to the public service commission within 60 days of an outage which lasts more than 48 hours.
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