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A10624 Summary:

SPONSORRules (Lentol)
COSPNSRSilver, Weinstein, Paulin, Rosenthal, Schimminger, Cymbrowitz, Schimel, Englebright, Lupardo, Arroyo, Barrett, Bronson, Castro, Cook, Cusick, Dinowitz, Gabryszak, Galef, Glick, Hevesi, Jaffee, Kearns, Malliotakis, Mayer, McEneny, Miller M, Peoples-Stokes, Ramos, Reilly, Roberts, Russell, Simanowitz, Simotas, Skartados, Sweeney, Thiele, Weprin, Zebrowski
Rpld S575 sub 10, amd SS575 & 108, Exec L, amd S2, Chap 502 of 2011; amd S4201, Pub Health L; amd S510.30, add S200.63, CP L; add S240.75, amd S240.30, Pen L; amd S2612, Ins L
Establishes a domestic violence fatality review team; adds members to the advisory council on domestic violence (part A); prohibits certain persons from controlling the disposition of a decedent's remains (part B); relates to the confidentiality program of the department of state (part C); relates to the consideration of certain factors when determining the issuance of an order of recognizance or bail and establishes the crime of aggravated domestic violence (part D); relates to a reasonable request to receive communications of health information by alternative means where disclosure could endanger a person (part E).
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