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A10742 Summary:

Amd §§14-107, 14-100, 14-104, 14-112, 14-118, 14-126 & 14-124, add §§14-107-a & 14-132, El L; amd §§1-h, 1-j, 1-k & 1-c, Leg L; add §§172-e, 172-f, 109 & 94, Exec L; amd §§73, 73-a & 74, Pub Off L
Relates to independent expenditures during election campaigns; provides that independent expenditures shall not include payments or expenditures where coordination occurs in the creation, formation or operation of the person making such payment or expenditure (Part A); relates to monies received and expenditures made by a party committee or constituted committee (Part B); amends the election law, in relation to disposition of campaign funds (Part C); relates to in-kind donations (Part D); relates to contingency fees (Part E); relates to the disclosure of certain donations by charitable non-profit entities (Part F); relates to the disclosure of certain activities by non-charitable non-profit entities (Part G); relates to the registration of certain service providers and political consulting services; defines terms (Part H); relates to communications with professional journalists and newscasters (Part I); relates to investigations by the joint commissioner on public ethics and to violations of the lobbying act (Part J); and relates to financial disclosure forms (Part K).
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