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A10748 Summary:

COSPNSRMayersohn, Meng, DenDekker, Clark, Aubry, Titus, Scarborough, Carrozza, Pheffer, Weprin D, Miller M, Benedetto, Lifton, DelMonte, Reilly, Christensen, Benjamin, Perry, Hyer-Spencer, Gibson, Maisel, Castro, Robinson, Barron, Rivera P
MLTSPNSRCook, Gianaris, Glick, Gottfried, Hevesi, Markey, Nolan, Sweeney, Thiele, Weisenberg
Add S2801-g, Pub Health L
Enacts the "hospital closure planning act"; provides that whenever a general hospital closes, the commissioner of health shall within thirty days of being notified of such closure, hold a public hearing at a location within the geographic area served by such general hospital to solicit testimony concerning the extent to which such closure will result in the reduction or elimination of health care services in the affected community, and options and proposals for replacing or enhancing such health care services through other means in order to meet the needs of residents in the affected community; makes related provisions.
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