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A11331 Summary:

COSPNSRSilver, Farrell, Tokasz, Gianaris, Pheffer, Espaillat, John, Alessi, Destito
MLTSPNSRAubertine, Benedetto, Benjamin, Bing, Boyland, Bradley, Cahill, Carrozza, Clark, Colton, Cook, Cusick, DelMonte, Diaz L, Dinowitz, Eddington, Englebright, Fields, Gordon, Grannis, Greene, Gunther, Hoyt, Koon, Latimer, Lavelle, Lentol, Lifton, Lopez, Lupardo, Magee, Magnarelli, Markey, McEneny, McLaughlin, Meng, Millman, Morelle, Paulin, Perry, Powell, Ramos, Reilly, Rivera N, Schimminger, Schroeder, Seminerio, Sweeney, Titus, Weinstein, Weisenberg, Wright, Zebrowski
Amd Tax L, generally; amd S392-i, Gen Bus L
Relates to sales and compensating use tax on motor fuel and diesel motor fuel; allows cities with a population of one million or more to adopt a residential energy exemption; provides a personal income tax credit related to the cost associated with the replacement or renovation of a home heating system; provides a clean heating fuel credit; directs the New York state energy research and development authority to undertake an analysis of the feasibility and implementation of alternative fuels at gasoline stations along the New York state thruway.
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