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A11693 Summary:

SPONSORRules (Morelle)
COSPNSRSweeney, Latimer, Barclay, Pheffer, Fields, Cymbrowitz, Eddington, Alessi, Lavine, Brook-Krasny, Lentol, Abbate, Weisenberg, Weprin, Seminerio, Englebright, Benedetto, Schimel, Alfano, Barra, Boyle, Conte, Fitzpatrick, McDonough, McKevitt, Raia, Saladino, Thiele, Walker
Rpld S5411, amd Ins L, generally; amd SS13 & 12, Chap 42 of 1996
Extends certain provisions of law relating to the New York property insurance underwriting association and provisions of chapter 42 of the laws of 1996 relating to homeowners' insurance; extends certain stand-by powers of the New York property insurance underwriting association; makes permanent certain provisions relating to the setting of automobile and property/casualty insurance rates; provides for flexible rating for non-business automobile insurance policies authorizing up to 5% annual rate adjustments without approval of the superintendent of insurance; relates to members of the New York property insurance underwriters association who write insurance policies that include coverage for windstorm in coastal areas; provides for the writing of insurance policies providing broad form coverage; directs the New York property insurance underwriting association to create the coastal market assistance program; directs the superintendent of insurance to implement a program to encourage insurers to write residential property insurance; relates to the special advisory panel on homeowners' insurance/catastrophe coverage.
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