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A00304 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSRScarborough, Titus, Paulin, Jacobs, Heastie, Benjamin, Benedetto, Greene, Peoples, Rivera N, Colton, John, Canestrari, Galef, Pheffer, Fields, Perry, Mayersohn, Boyland, Walker, Alfano, Butler, Lafayette, Robinson, Arroyo, Jaffee, Spano, Young, Cook
MLTSPNSRBarra, Cahill, Camara, Christensen, Crouch, Eddington, Errigo, Farrell, Finch, Gantt, Gottfried, Hikind, Hyer-Spencer, Latimer, Lifton, McEneny, McKevitt, Miller, Millman, Molinaro, Nolan, Reilly, Sayward, Sweeney, Towns, Townsend, Weisenberg, Wright
Add Art 19-I SS533 - 539, amd S501, Exec L
Establishes the office of child advocate to ensure the protection and promotion of legal rights for youth in programs and facilities under OCFS.
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