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A03073 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSRColton, Englebright, John, DiNapoli, Dinowitz, Espaillat, Hoyt, Paulin, Clark, Bradley, Fields,Boyland, Brodsky, Stringer
MLTSPNSRDelMonte, Diaz R, Galef, Gottfried, Karben, Lafayette, Latimer, Lavelle, Lifton, Lupardo, Manning,McEneny, McLaughlin, Nolan, Pheffer, Stephens, Sweeney, Thiele, Weinstein
Amd S19-0301, add SS19-0306-b & 71-2114, En Con L
Prohibits open burning of solid waste and provides penalty for violation of prohibition; requires department of environmental conservation to publish educational materials on the health and environmental hazards of open burning of solid waste.
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