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A03802 Summary:

SPONSORStringer (MS)
COSPNSRLavelle, Abbate, Espaillat, Aubry, McLaughlin
MLTSPNSRBoyland, Cohen A, Eddington, Galef, Gordon, Gottfried, Heastie, John, Klein, Nolan, Pheffer
Add Art 3 Title 3 SS350 - 364, RPT L
Establishes training and certification requirements for assessors of real property and other personnel having professional appraisal duties for cities of 5 million or more; provides for a chief assessor, who shall certify the rolls, to be appointed by the chief executive officer of such a city and serve at the pleasure of such officer; provides also for such inferior assessors as may be necessary; provides for oversight of training and certification by the state board of real property services and for state aid for training.
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