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A05406 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
SPONSORGottfried (MS)
COSPNSRSchimminger, Lopez, Dinowitz, Tokasz, Brennan, Tonko, Gordon, Lavelle, Koon, Gunther, Boyland, Aubertine, Cahill, Magnarelli
MLTSPNSRAbbate, Alessi, Aubry, Benedetto, Bing, Bradley, Christensen, Clark, Cook, Cymbrowitz, Destito, DiNapoli, Eddington, Englebright, Fields, Friedman, Galef, Gantt, Gianaris, Glick, Grannis, Greene, Hikind, Hoyt, Jacobs, John, Lafayette, Lavine, Lifton, Lupardo, Magee, Maisel, Mayersohn, Millman, Morelle, Nolan, O'Donnell, Ortiz, Paulin, Peoples, Pheffer, Pretlow, Reilly, Rivera N, Rivera P, Rosenthal, Scarborough, Sweeney, Towns, Weinstein, Weisenberg, Wright, Zebrowski
Rpld S2961 subs 7, 10, 13 & 16, S2964 sub 4, S2965 sub 2 ›(a) sub› (i), subs 4 & 5 ›(c), S2966 sub 2, S2967 sub 2 ›(c), S2977, S2978 sub 1, amd Pub Health L, generally
Creates the family health care decision act; establishes procedures for family members, surrogates and others close to an incapacitated patient making health care decisions on behalf of patients unable to decide about treatment for themselves in accordance with special procedures, standards and safeguards.
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