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A00658 Summary:

SPONSORRosenthal L (MS)
COSPNSRJaffee, Paulin, Gottfried, Galef, Weprin, Hevesi, Englebright, Skoufis, Crespo, Steck, Skartados, Stirpe, Solages, Otis, Walker, Colton, Miller MG, Jenne, Seawright, Niou, Blake, Ortiz, Espinal
MLTSPNSRBuchwald, Cook, Dinowitz, Epstein, Glick, Lupardo, Perry
Amd §118, add §119, Civ Serv L
Seeks to comply with the federal equal pay act of 1963 by implementing a state policy of compensating employees in state service equally for work of comparable value by eliminating wage inequality in job titles having been segregated by sex, race or national origin; requires the president of the civil service commission to report annually to the legislature and the governor on those segregated titles for which wage disparity exists; mandates governor to appropriate monies to ensure wage disparities are corrected.
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