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A07298 Summary:

Makes chapter amendments to various bills relating to implementing the state fiscal plan for the 2005-2006 state fiscal year; relating to business allocation percentage, emerging technology companies, distribution of funds from the motor fuel excise tax and vehicle transaction fees, mortgage recording tax in certain counties, clothing and footwear sales and use taxes, taxes on cigarettes, motor fuel and diesel motor fuel purchased on Native American nation or tribe lands, designation and revision of empire zones, administration of certain funds, issuance of bonds, tax shelter voluntary compliance program; repealers (Part A); relating to creating a program of aid and incentives for municipalities, cities containing state owned lands (Part B); relating to authority of the UDC and SDA to issue bonds, establishing the NYS foundation for science, technology and innovation act of 2005, reauthorizing the NY power authority to make contributions to the general fund, UDC bonding authority, establishment of the NYS quality communities program, environmental protection fund, certain regional partnerships (Part C); composition and responsibilities of the NYS higher education capital matching grants board in administering and awarding capital matching grants for higher education facilities, correctional facilities, a project at the Queensborough Community College (Part D); and relating to tobacco control and insurance initiative pool distributions, general hospital inpatient reimbursements, health care initiatives pool distributions, professional education pool funding and distribution of such funding, managed long term care plans, hospital specialty rates, nursing home allowance credits, commission on health care facilities in the twenty-first century, including dental prosthetic appliances as a covered expense for the purpose of medical assistance for needy persons, hospital assessments, family health care plus program, emergency medical transportation services, waiver of interest and penalties with respect to certain assessments payable by residential health care facilities, making certain technical corrections and repeals certain provisions of law (Part E).
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