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A07667 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSROrtiz, Pheffer, Perry
MLTSPNSRAbbate, Alfano, Barra, Benjamin, Boyland, Brodsky, Canestrari, Carrozza, Diaz L, Gianaris, Hayes, Jacobs, Magee, Manning, McDonald, McEneny, Peralta, Reilich, Scarborough, Scozzafava, Seminerio, Towns, Weinstein
Amd S595-a, Bank L; add S265-a, RP L; add S1303, RPAP L
Enacts the home equity theft prevention act; to insure, foster and encourage fair dealing in the sale and purchase of homes in foreclosure or default; to prohibit representations that tend to mislead; to prohibit or restrict unfair contract terms; requires various forms of notice to homeowners; requires licensing of repeat equity purchasers.
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