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A00809 Summary:

Amd SS87 & 89, Pub Off L; amd S8019, CPLR
Provides that a person may request a copy of a public record in a form other than paper; the cost of reproducing a record may include the hourly salary paid to the lowest paid agency employee able to reproduce the record, the cost of the storage device or media provided to the person making the request and the cost of engaging an outside organization to produce a copy of the record; requires public records to be provided in the form and format requested by the person asking for a copy; prohibits disclosure of names and addresses of public employees for solicitation purposes; requires disclosure of all records relating to any right, title or interest in real property; eliminates grounds for denying a request for a copy of public record on the basis that providing such copy is voluminous; authorizes the contracting with an outside service for the provision of copies of public records; provides that any programming necessary to retrieve a public record shall not be deemed to be the creation or preparation of a new record.
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