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A08959 Summary:

SPONSORRules (Weinstein)
COSPNSRCook, Farrell, Gordon, Lavelle, Ortiz, Sanders, Seddio
Rpld S1-201 subS 37, S2-326 subS 3, S2-A-307 subSS 3 & 4, Arts 6 & 9, S8-113 subS (b), S8-510subS (c), amd UCC, generally; amd SS245 & 359, Ag & Mkts L; amd R4525, S5234, CPLR; amd S13-2.2,EPT L; amd SS25 & 84, Gen Bus L; amd SS5-526, 7-101 & 13-101, Gen Ob L; amd SS140, 160, 190 &241, Lien L; amd SS315, 413 & 422, Pers Prop L; amd S472, Priv Hous Fin L; amd S63, Rur Elec CoopL; amd S31, Town L; amd S2118, V & T L
Substantively revises article 9 of the uniform commercial code relating to secured transactions; makes conforming changes to other articles of the uniform commercial code and to other consolidated laws; repeals article 6 of the uniform commercial code relating to bulk transfers.
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