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A08991 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
SPONSORRules (Silver)
COSPNSRFarrell, Tokasz, Koon, Grannis, Destito, Galef, Bradley, Clark, Brennan, Brodsky, Cahill, Colton,Englebright, Glick, Gordon, Gromack, Lifton, Magnarelli, McEneny, Millman, Peoples, Robinson,Sanders
Amd St Fin L, generally; amd SS50 & 51, Pub Auth L; amd S54, Leg L; add S2-a, Exec L
Relates to budget procedures of the division of the budget; relates to the tax stabilization reserve fund; establishes if legislative passage of the budget is late the governor's salary shall be withheld until legislative passage of the budget has occurred; requires governor to provide more information on the parameters of the budget prior to submission; provides for improved multi-year financial plan reporting; prohibits language that makes changes to permanent law in executive budget appropriation bills.
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