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A09007 Summary:

SPONSORRules (Brodsky)
COSPNSRSilver, Farrell, Grannis, Tokasz, Destito, Nolan, Hoyt, Reilly, Millman, Fields, Boyland, Green,Abbate, Alessi, Aubertine, Bing, Bradley, Brennan, Cahill, Canestrari, Christensen, Clark, CohenA, Colton, Cook, Cusick, Cymbrowitz, DiNapoli, Dinowitz, Eddington, Englebright, Galef, Gianaris,Glick, Gordon, Gottfried, Greene, Hooper, Jacobs, John, Karben, Koon, Lafayette, Latimer, Lavelle,Lavine, Lentol, Lifton, Lupardo, Magee, Magnarelli, Markey, McEneny, McLaughlin, Meng, Morelle,O'Donnell, Paulin, Peoples, Peralta, Perry, Pheffer, Ramos, Sanders, Scarborough, Schroeder,Seddio, Stringer, Sweeney, Tonko, Weinstein, Weisenberg, Weprin, Wright, Zebrowski
Amd Pub Auth L, generally; amd S15-2137, En Con L; amd S30, Leg L; amd S3, Chap 899 of 1984; addArt 4-A SS51 - 55, amd S63, Exec L
Establishes the public authorities accountability act of 2005; allows certain authorities to have presidents who shall be the chief executive officers of such authorities; requires local authorities to submit reports; establishes the role and responsibilities of board members of state and local authorities; relates to the disposition of property by public authorities; consolidates the office of the state inspector general.
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