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A09110 Summary:

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Rpld S11-0707 sub 5, En Con L; amd Various Laws, generally
Directs the commissioner of economic development to establish NY-USA Proud employer of distinction award program and Patriot Support and Discount Program for businesses and employers which support persons who are ordered to active duty in the military; establishes a merit scholarship program for persons engaged in military operations on or after September 11, 2001, and their dependents; includes such combat veterans in certain other scholarship programs; grants right to leave of absence to student in higher educational institutions who are ordered to active military duty; grants free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses to persons ordered to active military service; authorizes the governor to suspend application of laws, rules and regulations which cause undue hardship to persons ordered to active military service; prohibits discrimination against persons serving in active military service; directs local veterans agencies to assist the families of persons ordered into active military service; expands benefits and relief available under the New York state soldiers' and sailors' civil relief act; includes certified first responders within provisions providing for extension of certification during active military service; suspends obligation to repay loans from the state and local retirement systems during time a person is ordered to active military service; authorizes local governments to employ public retirement system retirees to fill in for activated employees, without diminution of retirement benefits.
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