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A00146 Summary:

COSPNSRSimon, Morinello, Cahill, Giglio JM, Colton, Thiele, Englebright, Cook, Gunther, McDonough, Dinowitz, Peoples-Stokes, Perry, Steck, Goodell, Rosenthal L, Quart, Rodriguez, Kim, Palmesano, Abinanti, Ra, DiPietro, Hyndman, Jean-Pierre, Benedetto, Galef, Weprin, Williams, Lavine, Barron, Woerner, Dickens, Bronson, Niou, Cusick, Norris, Carroll, Solages, Seawright, Zebrowski, De La Rosa, Taylor, Sayegh, Salka, McDonald, Brabenec, Rajkumar, Griffin, Lupardo, Walsh, Otis
MLTSPNSRAubry, Barclay, Braunstein, Cymbrowitz, DeStefano, Fitzpatrick, Hevesi, Pichardo, Pretlow, Ramos, Reilly
Amd Art 43-B Art Head, §207, desig §§4360 - 4369 to be Title 1, add Art 43-B Title 1 Head, Title 2 §§4370 - 4372, Pub Health L; amd §612, Tax L; add §365-o, Soc Serv L
Enacts the "New York state living donor support act" to provide state reimbursement to living organ donors, who are state residents, for medical and associated expenses incurred as a result of the organ donation, when the organ donation is made to another resident of the state; requires the provision of information on transplantation to patients with severe kidney disease.
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