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A00413 Summary:

COSPNSRCook, Gottfried, Perry, Pichardo, Steck, Joyner, Simon, Walker, Abinanti, Ortiz, Gunther, Jean-Pierre, Vanel, Zebrowski, Dickens, Barron, Taylor, McDonald, Paulin, Englebright, Sayegh, Hunter, Schmitt, Cruz, Griffin, Aubry, Glick, Bichotte, Arroyo, Bronson
MLTSPNSRBraunstein, Davila, De La Rosa, Galef, Lupardo, Nolan, Solages, Thiele
Amd 410-w, Soc Serv L
Provides that parents and caretakers who are otherwise eligible for child care assistance, and provided with such assistance, shall be able to utilize such assistance when care is necessary to enable them to sleep because they work non-traditional hours and have a child who is under the age of six and not in school for a full school day; further provides that the authorization for assistance shall be sufficient to allow the parent to obtain up to eight hours of sleep, as needed.
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