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A01038 Summary:

COSPNSRLupardo, Bronson, Thiele, Gottfried, Rosenthal L, Fahy, Jenne, Otis, Skoufis, Mosley, Brindisi, DenDekker, Magnarelli, Skartados, Hevesi, Barrett, Simotas, Cusick, Simon, Pichardo, Woerner, Ryan, Gunther, Kim, Magee, Lentol, Weprin, Jaffee, Quart, Cahill, Abbate, Hunter, Santabarbara, Miller MG, Titone, Rodriguez, Steck, Solages, Galef, Cymbrowitz, Colton, Sepulveda, McDonald, D'Urso, Rozic, Pheffer Amato, Carroll, Wallace, Lavine, Zebrowski, Rivera, Ortiz, O'Donnell, Dilan, Seawright, De La Rosa, Dickens, Niou, Blake, Pretlow, Arroyo, Benedetto, Barnwell, Joyner, Perry, Walker, Abinanti, Lifton, Dinowitz, Bichotte, Braunstein, Jean-Pierre, Glick, Paulin, Mayer, Pellegrino, Jones, Hyndman, Taylor, Vanel, Barron, Richardson, Curran, Espinal
MLTSPNSRBuchwald, Cook, Crouch, McDonough, Nolan
Add Art 27 Title 20 27-2001 - 27-2007, 71-2730, En Con L
Relates to establishing the paint stewardship program, minimizing the public sector involvement in the management of post-consumer paint, and negotiating agreements to collect, transport, reuse, recycle, and/or burn for energy recovery at an appropriately licensed facility post-consumer paint using environmentally sound management practices.
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