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A02010 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state public protection and general government budget for the 2019-2020 state fiscal year; requires that candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and comptroller file with the state board of elections a copy of the ten most recent income tax returns and that candidates for state senate and assembly file the five most recent income tax returns (Part A); establishes contribution limits and a public campaign financing system, establishes the New York state campaign finance fund and establishes a New York state campaign finance fund check-off (Part B); enacts the "Voter Enfranchisement Modernization Act of 2019"; relates to establishing the electronic personal voter registration process; provides for online voter registration (Part C); implements early voting and accessibility to polling places (Part D); combines primary elections and amends certain deadlines to facilitate the timely transmission of ballots to military voters stationed overseas; relates to filling vacancies in elective offices; relates to the date of primary elections (Subpart A); relates to primary election vacancies in elective offices and judicial proceedings for designating or nominating petitions (Subpart B)(Part E); includes limited liability companies on the list of organizations not permitted to provide money or property to assist a political party, committee or organization (Part F); provides for integrated personal voter registration applications (Part G); relates to time allowed for employees to vote (Part H); provides uniform polling hours during primary elections (Part I); provides for the pre-registration of voters (Part J); prohibits vendors engaged in procurements with the state from making campaign contributions to elected officials (Part K); provides for automatic voter registration updates for any voter who moves anywhere within New York state (Part L); prohibits certain loans to be made to candidates on political committees (Part M); authorizes counties to employ computer generated registration lists; updates the list of supplies to be delivered to poll sites (Part N); requires lobbyists to file fundraising reports disclosing any fundraising activities which the lobbyist participates in (Part O); prohibits certain lobbyists from engaging in political consulting for state public officials or candidates for office, and prohibits political consultants or anyone they are affiliated with from lobbying state officers; requires election financial disclosure statements to include a listing of all political consulting services provided to a campaign (Part P); requires disclosures for certain nonprofits (Part Q); lowers the monetary disclosure threshold to a value in excess of $500 for lobbyists to report prior relationships with agencies or elected officials and to lowering the monetary disclosure threshold to a value in excess of $500 for lobbyists to biennially file statements of registration (Part R); increases penalties for lobbyists who are convicted of a crime (Part S); increases the length of the existing bar on the appearance and practice of former state officers or employees, members of the legislature and members of the executive chamber (Part T); prohibits staff of elected state officials including state senators and members of the assembly to perform volunteer services for the election campaigns of such officials (Part U); relates to advisory opinions on outside income of members of the legislature and financial disclosures of certain municipal officers (Part V); creates a lobbyist code of conduct and provides for enforcement of such code (Part W); relates to motor vehicle voter registration and repeals section 5-212 of the election law relating thereto (Part X).
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