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A03008 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state transportation, economic development and environmental conservation budget for the 2017-2018 state fiscal year; increases certain motor vehicle transaction fees (Part A); relates to divisible load permits; provides that after December thirty-first, two thousand sixteen, no more than twenty-seven thousand power units shall be issued annual permits by the department of motor vehicles for any twelve-month period (Part B); relates to compliance with new federal regulations (Part D); relates to reciprocal agreements concerning suspension or revocation of registration of a motor vehicle for violations of toll collection regulations (Part E); relates to the waiver of non-driver identification card fees for crime victims (Part H); relates to the reinstatement for non-residents (Part I); relates to extending certain provisions relating to the empire state economic development fund (Part M); extends the expiration of the authority of the urban development corporation to make certain loans until July 1, 2018 (Part N); extends until March 31, 2018, the expiration of provisions of the executive law permitting the secretary of state to provide special handling for all documents filed or issued by the division of corporations and permitting additional levels of such expedited service (Part Q); relates to streamlining the licensing process for real estate professionals (Part S); relates to local waterfront revitalization (Part T); relates to authorizing utility and cable television assessments to provide funds to the department of health from cable television assessments revenues and to the departments of agriculture and markets, environmental conservation, office of parks, recreation and historic preservation, and state from utility assessment revenues (Part V); relates to extending the effectiveness of the dormitory authority's authorization to enter into certain design and construction management agreements (Part W); relates to reverse mortgages (Part FF); relates to establishing the New York environmental protection and spill remediation account (Part HH); relates to environmental protection fund deposits and transfers; relates to the "Cleaner, Greener NY Act of 2013" (Part JJ); relates to sharing of employees, services and resources by the power authority, canal corporation and department of transportation (Part LL); authorizes the energy research and development authority to finance a portion of its research, development and demonstration, policy and planning, and Fuel NY programs, as well as the department of environmental conservation's climate change program and the department of agriculture and markets' Fuel NY program, from an assessment on gas and electric corporations (Part MM); relates to the effectiveness of the New York state health insurance continuation assistance demonstration project (Part NN); relates to increasing the number of sites authorized for growing and cultivating industrial hemp (Part OO); relates to the definition of transportation purpose (Part PP); relates to funding local government entities from the urban development corporation and to establishing the Indian Point closure task force to provide guidance and support to affected local municipalities and employees (Part RR); relates to pesticide registration timetables and fees (Part SS); relates to the life science initiatives program (Part TT); relates to retrofit technology for diesel-fueled vehicles (Part UU).
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