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A04349 Summary:

COSPNSRDe La Rosa, Walker, Rosenthal L, Barron, Dinowitz, Ortiz, Carroll, Simon, Rozic, Seawright, Epstein, Joyner, DenDekker, Reyes, Fernandez, Weprin, Niou, Quart, Miller MG, Barnwell, Cruz, Arroyo, Richardson, Taylor, Crespo, Mosley, Glick, Gottfried, Pichardo, Hunter, D'Urso, Rosenthal D, Simotas, Bichotte, Davila, Frontus, Jaffee, Blake, Hevesi, Perry, Williams, Kim, Rivera, Aubry, Titus, Darling, Rodriguez, Jacobson, Colton, O'Donnell, Benedetto
MLTSPNSRLentol, Nolan
Amd 10, Emerg Ten Prot Act of 1974; amd 26-511, NYC Ad Cd
Prohibits an owner from adjusting the amount of preferential rent, rent charged and paid by the tenant which is less than the legal regulated rent for the housing accommodation, upon the renewal of a lease; only allows the owner to make such adjustments upon a vacancy which is not the result of the failure of the owner to maintain a habitable residence.
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