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A05312 Summary:

COSPNSRWalker, O'Donnell, Abinanti, Galef, Buchwald, Lifton, Zebrowski, Carroll, Lupardo, Skartados, Seawright, Blake, Paulin, Bronson, Jaffee, Rozic, Steck, Mosley, Simon, Gottfried, Otis, Hyndman, Ortiz, Pichardo, Sepulveda, De La Rosa, Quart, Jean-Pierre, Vanel, Davila, Simotas
MLTSPNSRLentol, Titone
Amd El L, generally; amd 75, add 510, Cor L; amd 42, Pub Off L
Establishes the New York votes act; relates to automatic voter registration, pre-registration, transfer of registration, access to voter registration records and moving deadlines (Part A); polling place registration (Part B); qualified voter absentee (Part C); completing and filing watcher certifications, challenges of voter qualifications (Part D); qualified absentee voters (Part E); the completing and filing watcher certificates and the form and manner of challenges of voter qualifications (Part F); mandatory core curriculum and language access (Part G); early voting (Part H); voting by convicted felons (Part I); voting and disasters (Part J); primary elections and deadlines for military ballots; and filling of vacancies (Part K); and reimbursement of counties and the city of New York of certain additional costs associated with implementation and administration of the New York votes act (Part L).
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