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A05612 Summary:

SPONSORWeinstein (MS)
COSPNSRDinowitz, Jaffee, Zebrowski, Lavine, Rosenthal L, Miller MG, Aubry, Lifton, Paulin, Colton, Pichardo, Richardson, Hyndman, Abinanti, Weprin, Joyner, Santabarbara, Ortiz, Taylor, Griffin, Mosley, De La Rosa, Carroll, Sayegh, Frontus, Jacobson, LiPetri, Burke, Steck, Simon, Dilan, Eichenstein, DenDekker, Fall, Jean-Pierre, Seawright, Dickens, Darling, Solages, Wallace, Niou
MLTSPNSRBrabenec, Braunstein, Cymbrowitz, Englebright, Glick, Gottfried, Lupardo, Morinello, Norris, Palumbo, Perry, Schmitt
Amd 5-4.3, EPT L
Provides for the types of damages that may be awarded to the persons for whose benefit an action for wrongful death is brought i.e. grief and anguish; loss of love, society, protection, comfort, companionship and consortium; reasonable funeral expenses; reasonable expenses for medical care, treatment etc. prior to death; pecuniary injuries due to loss of services, support, inheritance; and loss of nurture, guidance or education.
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