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A06329 Summary:

COSPNSRReyes, Dinowitz, Frontus, Gonzalez-Rojas, Burgos, Carroll, Kim, Burdick, Jacobson, Simon, Gunther, Abinanti, Cymbrowitz, Brabenec, Galef, Epstein, Kelles, Mamdani, Paulin, Quart, Mitaynes, Lupardo, Bichotte Hermelyn, Steck, Rosenthal L, Tague, Englebright, Solages, Fall, Ramos, Hunter, Cruz, Gallagher, Cahill, Forrest, Miller M, Jones, Jean-Pierre, Septimo, Barron, Stern, Dickens, O'Donnell, Clark, Fernandez, Lunsford, Bronson, Seawright, Meeks, Joyner, Hyndman, Darling, McDonough, Hevesi, Stirpe, Durso, Sillitti, McDonald, Smith, Cusick, Perry, Woerner, Otis, Zebrowski, Pretlow, De La Rosa, Sayegh, Giglio JA, Pheffer Amato, Rodriguez, Tapia, Buttenschon, Fahy, Anderson, Peoples-Stokes, Rajkumar, Lavine, Rivera JD, Niou, Wallace, Weprin, Rozic, Braunstein
Add §3614-f, amd §§3614-d & 3614-c, Pub Health L; add §91-h, St Fin L; amd Part H §92, Chap 59 of 2011
Enacts provisions to provide minimum wages for home care aides; requires at least 150% of minimum wage or other set minimum; directs the commissioner of health to set regional minimum rates of reimbursement for home care aides under medicaid and managed care plans.
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