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A06337 Summary:

COSPNSRBlankenbush, Giglio JM, Goodell, Hawley, McDonough, Ra, Friend, Miller, Walsh, Brabenec, Smith, Mikulin, Norris, Tague, Morinello, Manktelow, Byrnes, Simpson, Lemondes, DeStefano
MLTSPNSRBrown K, Fitzpatrick
Add §49-a, amd §24, St Fin L; add §33, Exec L; add §171-q, Tax L; add §107, Ec Dev L; amd §73, Pub Off L; add §14-133, El L; add §2882, Pub Auth L
Relates to establishing the lump sum allocation advisory committee (Part A); relates to requiring transparency, identification and disclosure of certain appropriations (Part B); relates to withholding the salaries of the governor, agency commissioners and deputy commissioners for failing to meet certain reporting deadlines (Part C); relates to creating a tax rate reduction board to look at personal income tax and corporate franchise tax rates (Part D); relates to conducting an audit of all state economic development programs (Part E); relates to prohibiting certain political contributions by individuals appointed to entities that oversee lump sum appropriations (Part F); relates to prohibiting certain third party contracts (Part G).
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