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A07290 Summary:

Rpld §4402 sub 1 ¶b sub¶ 3 clause (h), amd Ed L, generally; amd §6-0107, En Con L; amd §375, V & T L; rpld §353 sub 15, Exec L
Relates to establishing Earth day; relates to mandate relief for school districts and certain other educational entities; relates to the provision of special education programs and services to students parentally placed in non-public schools through dual enrollment in the public schools; relates to eliminating the requirement that the commissioner of education make appointments to state-supported schools; relates to the committee on special education membership requirements; relates to transportation of students with disabilities parentally placed in a private school; relates to the statute of limitations for special education due process hearings; relates to the selection of a preschool evaluator; relates to giving school districts or boards of cooperative educational services the option of advertising procurement bids in the state's opportunities newsletter; amends the environmental conservation law, in relation to state smart growth public infrastructure criteria; amends the vehicle and traffic law, in relation to school omnibus signs complying with federal motor vehicle safety standards; authorizes the commissioner of education to conduct a study of the feasibility and desirability of authorizing school districts and boards of cooperative educational services to enter national credit card contracts; repeals provisions of the executive law relating to the duties of the state director of the division of veterans' affairs; repeals certain provisions of the education law relating to reports on certain children of Vietnam veterans; authorizes capital outlays for a school construction project less than $250,000; state aid adjustments for prior years; and payment schedules for multi-year recoveries for state aid and extensions for late filings of transportation contracts; authorizes school districts to lease space not located within the school district, and ratifies certain acts in connection with final cost reports filed with the state education department for each project for which a certificate of substantial completion was and/or is issued on or after April 1, 1995, where a final cost report was not submitted by June 30th of the school year in which the certificate of substantial completion of the project was issued by the architect or engineer, or six months after issuance of such certificate.
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