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A07319 Summary:

COSPNSRAngelino, Barclay, Beephan, Bendett, Blankenbush, Blumencranz, Brabenec, Brown K, Byrnes, DeStefano, DiPietro, Durso, Flood, Gandolfo, Giglio JA, Giglio JM, Gray, Hawley, Lemondes, Maher, Manktelow, McGowan, Mikulin, Miller, Morinello, Palmesano, Pirozzolo, Ra, Reilly, Simpson, Smullen, Smith, Tague, Tannousis, Walsh, McDonough, Goodell, Brown E, Jensen, Norris, Brook-Krasny
Amd 709 & 94-b, Exec L; amd 20, Soc Serv L; add 1413, N-PC L
Requires residents of the state, who are foreign refugees, to register with the office of temporary and disability assistance; directs such office to provide registration information to the office of children and family services, the department of health, the office for new Americans, the department of law, the division of state police, the NYC police department, county sheriff's offices, municipal police departments, and the division of homeland security and emergency services; directs the office for new Americans to conduct background screenings of all refugees who register; requires refugee resettlement agencies to submit quarterly reports to the bureau of refugee and immigrant assistance on the refugees to whom it provides assistance, and to monitor the activities of such refugees for a certain period of time; directs the division of homeland security and emergency services to develop and implement a plan to ensure compliance by refugee resettlement agencies.
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