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A09939 Summary:

COSPNSRBenedetto, Rozic, Jaffee, Ortiz, Lavine, Robinson, Cahill, Mosley, Linares, Abinanti, Sepulveda, Walker, Skartados, Blake
MLTSPNSRCancel, Glick, Nolan, Simon
Amd Cor L, generally; amd §677, County L; amd §2.10, CP L; amd §285, Ed L; amd §§63, 169 & 837-a, Exec L; amd §33.13, Ment Hyg L; amd §§2782 & 2786, Pub Health L; amd §92, Pub Off L; amd §460-c, Soc Serv L
Creates the office of the correctional ombudsman to achieve transparency, fairness, impartiality and accountability in New York state correctional facilities; relates to reports by coroners; designates investigators of the office of the correctional ombudsman as peace officers; authorizes the attorney general to investigate the alleged commission of any criminal offense committed by an employee of the department of corrections and community supervision in connection with his or her official duties; relates to the confidentiality of certain records; and includes the office of the correctional ombudsman records within the definition of public safety agency records; makes related provisions.
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