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A10659 Summary:

SPONSORRules (Bichotte Hermelyn)
COSPNSRSimon, Griffin, Gonzalez-Rojas
Add 2500-l, amd 2500 & 2803-n, Pub Health L; add 6524-a, Ed L
Requires a healthcare provider to inform a patient of the options for treatment following confirmation of the death of a fetus or embryo in utero, including surgical evacuation, the induction of labor and allowing the patient to spontaneously miscarriage; requires the healthcare provider to arrange for the removal of the fetus or embryo and the associated products of conception through surgical evacuation or the induction of labor within forty-eight hours of the confirmation of fetal or embryo death if requested to do so by the patient and if medically advisable, or to refer the patient to another healthcare provider capable of providing such services and to advise the patient of the facility registry; requires a healthcare provider to notify the patient of fetal or embryo death within twenty-four hours of confirmation of the death; requires the commissioner of health to establish a registry of facilities that provide certain services; requires hospitals to have healthcare personnel on call to perform certain procedures following the death of a fetus or embryo in utero; and requires certain healthcare providers who apply for a license to practice certain specialties to have training in performing certain procedures.
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