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A11189 Summary:

COSPNSRGlick, Magnarelli, Peoples-Stokes, McDonald
Amd 1604 & 1709, Ed L; amd V & T L, generally; amd 12, Chap 43 of 2014; amd 15, Chap 189 of 2013; amd 87, Pub Off L
Requires a resolution by the board of trustees of a school district to authorize the installation, administration, operation, notice processing and maintenance of and use of photo monitoring devices on school buses to detect and record vehicles illegally passing or overtaking a school bus; provides for owner liability of a motor vehicle detected by a camera to have illegally passed or overtaken a school bus; provides that liability shall be a monetary penalty in the amount of two hundred fifty dollars; relates to photo speed violation monitoring systems in school zones in the city of New York; and establishes in the city of Buffalo a demonstration program implementing speed violation monitoring systems in school speed zones by means of photo devices.
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