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A03355 Summary:

COSPNSRSeawright, Dickens, Dinowitz, Galef, Gottfried, Joyner, Pichardo, Rosenthal L, Simon, Steck, Niou, Hevesi, Quart, Cruz, Kim, Epstein, Walker, Perry, Fernandez, O'Donnell, Carroll, Reyes, Weprin, Rivera J, Richardson, Barron, Sayegh, Aubry, Hunter, Ramos, Taylor, Glick, Otis, Lupardo, Bronson, Bichotte Hermelyn, Fahy, Abinanti, Thiele, Jacobson, Lavine, De La Rosa, Pheffer Amato, Solages, Jean-Pierre, Magnarelli, Stirpe, Braunstein, Zebrowski, Cook, Pretlow, Darling, Davila, Nolan, Abbate, Vanel, Cymbrowitz, Benedetto, Burgos, Clark, Anderson, Gonzalez-Rojas, Mamdani, Gallagher, Septimo, Burdick, Kelles, Meeks, Rajkumar, Forrest, Jackson, Sillitti, Zinerman, Lunsford, Burke
MLTSPNSRFrontus, Mitaynes, Rodriguez, Rosenthal D
Rpld 240.37, amd 230.01, Pen L; amd 60.47, 160.10, 170.30, 170.80, 420.35, 720.15, 720.35, 160.55 & 160.50, CP L; amd 447-a, Soc Serv L; amd 3-118, NYC Ad Cd
Repeals provisions relating to loitering for the purpose of engaging in a prostitution offense; makes technical corrections relating thereto.
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