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A00525 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
SPONSORMagnarelli (MS)
COSPNSRPeoples-Stokes, Gunther, Jaffee, Lupardo, Hooper, Kavanagh, Cusick, Titone, Kellner, Colton, Rosenthal
MLTSPNSRClark, Hevesi, Magee, Millman
Add S461-n, Soc Serv L; amd SS6509 & 6530, Ed L
Establishes mandatory reporting by certain professional or official persons who come into contact with residents of assisted living and adult care facilities who may be abused, mistreated or neglected; provides reporting procedures and grants immunity for such reporting; provides civil penalties for committing acts of abuse, mistreatment or neglect or failure to report such alleged acts committed by others.
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