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A07013 Summary:

SPONSORBichotte Hermelyn
COSPNSRMeeks, Colton, Zinerman, Frontus, Simon
Rpld & add §1370, rpld §§1373 & 1375, amd §§1370-a, 1370-b & 1370-c, add §§1370-f, 1373 & 1375 - 1379-a, Pub Health L; add §§236-a & 242-a, RP L; amd §§210-B & 606, Tax L; add §99-ll, St Fin L; amd §302-a, Mult Dwell L; amd §305-a, Mult Res L; add §131-y, amd §§143-b & 390-a, Soc Serv L; add §3441, Ins L
Enacts the childhood lead poisoning prevention and safe housing act to make enforcement of lead hazard control standards in the state of New York more certain and more effective; creates a loan fund to assist owners in complying with lead-safe requirements; provides for inspections and certification of inspectors and remediators; requires registration of affected properties; provides tax credits for remediation; provides for appointment of deputy commissioner of housing and community renewal to oversee provisions; provides for educational programs relating to lead poisoning and abatement.
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