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S02807 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Extends numerous provisions of law that were set to expire and be repealed, but that were otherwise necessary for the fiscal stability of the state and the health and safety of its citizens; authorizes the governor to close correctional facilities; relates to the public safety communications surcharge; relates to annual reports of costs related to the statewide wireless network; removes the salary provision of state liquor authority commissioners, other than the chairman; relates to self-insurers for workers' compensation purposes; relates to removing the salary provision for civil service commissioners other than the president; provides aid and incentives for municipalities; relates to aid to municipalities in which a video lottery terminal facility is located; creates citizens empowerment tax credits, local government citizens re-organization empowerment grants and the local government performance and efficiency program; streamlines the local government efficiency grant program; clarifies the state's obligation to make payments with respect to certain lands; allows the State University Downstate Medical Center to create a not-for-profit corporation; relates to New York state district attorney and indigent legal services attorney loan forgiveness program eligibility; and relates to the acquisition of the assets of Community-General Hospital of Greater Syracuse of SUNY Upstate Medical University.
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